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For more than 29 years, Missy has been bringing order to homes and businesses.  As a leading professional organizer, creating functional spaces that bring peace and harmony to her clients has been the focus of her efforts.  The key to success in all of her efforts is seeking, understanding, and intentionally creating a unique balance.  With a background in counseling, marketing and social work, Missy weaves her client’s unique needs into every project – large or small.

Want to tackle things yourself?  Then consider attending one of Missy’s regular seminars, workshops or using her virtual coaching service.

Need some hands-on help?  Missy and her team of experienced organizers will relieve your stress and get your home, office, or business neatly and quickly ordered.


Missy Bystrom is an Organizational Consultant, Organizing Trainer, Author, Speaker, and a leading Personal Organizer in the Unidted States.  For more than 24 years, Missy has been been putting things in order in homes and businesses, and training others to do so. She creates functional spaces as well as peacefulness and harmony both without (one’s environment), as well as  ‘within’ (calmness and order).  The key to her success is in understanding and intentionally creating balance in all that she encounters. Missy does this by listening to how each person relates and feels in relationship to their environment.  With a background in counseling and Social Work, Missy weaves her client’s individuality, as well as to where they are physically, emotionally, and spiritually into every circumstance.

There is no “formula” for good organization, as each space should reflect the needs and comfort of the person, business or family.  “We are all different people who view the world around us differently.  Therefore, our environment must be organized to meet our individual needs”, says Missy.  

Missy’s current business, The Organized Connection was born in 2006 when she and her family moved to The OC. She has had the opportunity to serve a wide range of households, high profile clientele, businesses and groups.  She has been speaking and training groups since 1994. Her desire is to be of love and service to everyone she encounters on a daily basis, while instilling peace and balance. She has been involved and supportive of numerous non-profit groups including the Chaparral PTA Presidency, the American Cancer Society, World Vision, Ladera Ranch Education Foundation, Haiti and Japan relief efforts, Orange County Food Pantry, Women Against Child Traffiking and the JDRF.  She is also a member of National Association of Professional Organizers, L.A. NAPO, The Women’s Speaker Association, For You Network, The Ladera Rancho Chamber of Commerce,  and The National Association of Female Executives.
Missy has recently released her new books:

* Organ-ZEN-ation
  Intentionally creating balance and order in your Main Living Spaces

* De-Clutter your SPACE
   Sell your  STUFF
   Organize your SELF

In addition, she has begun the only Monthly Organizational Membership ‘Circle’, encouraging group support, creativity & mentoring for Personal Organizers and those in need of organizing. In addition, she is available for in home or business consulting, virtual coaching via video and email and group events such training, seminars, and workshops.


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"Missy saved my life - she all but donated a kidney to me to get me back on track. She even taught me how to budget, shop and cook!. Just this weekend I bought and roasted a whole chicken in the pan she bought me at Goodwill, then made chicken soup and chicken salad with the left overs for under $10 for 4 days of food!"

-Mike Whitehead

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